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Xbox exec on PS3: "1080p... will be basically impossible"


Speaking with Kikizo Games, Xbox's Director of the Game Technology Group, Scott Henson, had his doubts about Sony's claim that PS3 games will feature 'full HD' (1080p resolution): "I think 1080p, just to address that directly, will be basically impossible. I think if you talk to any developer they will tell you that they will not have a performing game at 1080p."

Switching gears, Henson addressed the backlog of requests focused on improving the Xbox 360's Dashboard functionality — specifically, improving the music player and implementing background downloading. While Henson declined to give us the clear-cut answer we've all been waiting for, he did confirm that "the capability [to upgrade these features] is there." Henson also added that the Xbox team has considered adding video streaming capabilities for non-Media Center users.

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