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Adobe engineer explains delay in Adobe universal binaries

Jan Kabili
Adobe has taken some heat for delaying universal binary versions of Photoshop and other Creative Suite software until the next scheduled release of those apps. If you're interested in a view of this controversy from the trenches, take a look at this post by Photoshop engineer Scott Byer. Byer starts out:

"'But, c'mon', I hear people saying, 'Steve said it was just a recompile!'  Or, 'Back during the PowerPC transition, you guys released a patch?'
Well, this time is different.  And I really wish it weren't.  But let me tell you how..."

He goes on to explain why Adobe can't perform the same kind of midcycle shortcut for the Intel platform that it could for the PowerPC. His explanation is worth a read. This kind of communication from the trenches is a very good thing IMHO.

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