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MacZOT fever spreading with MysteryZOTs

David Chartier

Remember MacZOT, the bargain-a-day shareware site? It seems like it's catching on as wildfire, as they now have a "MysteryZOT" offering that seems to be all the rage. A MysteryZOT is a bundle of a few shareware apps for a ridiculously low price. The catch is that you have to place an order before you get to find out what you're ordering.

Sounds crazy? As of around 5 PM yesterday afternoon, over four hundred people would like to disagree with you, as this post at the MacZOT blog says they've sold 402 of the alloted 500 packages of yesterday's MysteryZOT. This morning I noticed they sold their entire lot and have revealed its contents, which includes iClip, the NotePad widget (with full search and print functionality) and the FTP Drop widget which offers a handy DnD (drag-n-drop) operation for sending files up to a directory on a server you specify.

At only $14.95 for these apps and three others (instead of $53.70), I'm starting to wonder if I missed out on a good deal. Did any of you TUAW readers jump on yesterday's MysteryZOT? Are you glad you did, or are you missing your $14.95?

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