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Rumor: Capcom Studio 8 (Maximo) shut down

Dan Choi

If the word of a former Capcom employee can be believed, it looks as if the publisher's shut down Capcom Studio 8, its U.S. development house, leaving 20 people out of a job.

Studio 8 was best known for its Maximo remakes for the PS2--Maximo: Ghosts to Glory and Maximo vs. Army of Zin. Unfortunately, a poor performance with its latest retro retread, Final Fight: Streetwise, has apparently done the studio in with the higher-ups.

According to GameSpot, this means the end of the Maximo series (and obviously the end of the Streetwise one). A Capcom rep only had this to say in response: "Capcom does not comment on day-to-day operations." If this story's true, we hope those kids can find a new employer, possibly at the Game Developers Conference that's currently taking place in CA.

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