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Game developers get their rant on at GDC


Alice in Wonderland has once again meticulously transcribed the gaming world's equivalent of speaker's corner: the game developer's rant at GDC. This event gives developers a limited time to rant about whatever they like, as long as it's related to the games industry. Some choice quotes are below:

  • "...the incredible sense of freedom created by GTA is created by carefully limiting the actions of the player."
  • "We have bathrooms in our environments because it’s more realistic. One day someone will think eating and shitting should go into a game because there’s a bathroom to use. This is not a good idea."
  • "...the games industry is d.e.a.d. Now when I say dead, I don’t mean totally dead, I mean brain dead. The product is going out the door, money is coming in. But what’s up here? Nothing. There’s no creativity. There’s no creative life in this industry at all. It’s just a dead creature. We put food in, shit comes out. So it’s kinda like… EA really isn’t very diff from Proctor and Gamble. Put something in a box, sell the box. Write new and improved on it. Sell the box." - interestingly, two of the seven people on the panel work for EA.
  • "No more ranting! Let’s go do stuff. You think about your number one bitch. Your number one beef with the industry or your job. And tomorrow.. no, Saturday.. hahah.. do something about it!"

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