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Oblivion infinite gold cheat undermines Tamriel society [update 1]

Vladimir Cole

We've been hearing of a bushel of defects with just-released Xbox 360 title Oblivion IV, most of them relatively harmless. But this one's a real zinger because it allows players to stop leveling altogether and simply play the equivalent of a medieval playboy.

Shall we elaborate? What happens when you couple unlimited gold with a level one character's limited judgement? Wanton carousal, all-night mead keggers, illegitimate NPCs spawning all over the place, and legions of trust fund kids who forego the noble professions of blacksmithing, shoe-mending, and inn-keeping for jobs in architecture, museum curation, and film studies research.

The world of Tamriel is going to look an awful lot like Manhattan island if this defect isn't patched, quick.

[Via Xbox 360]

[Update 1: fixed really stupid spelling mistake. It's medieval. medieval. medieval. Got it now!]

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