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Easy Mode: Alliance or Horde?


While I don't personally subscribe to the theory that one faction is better than the other, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.  My current main character is in an Alliance-side raiding guild, yet I'm considering the prospect of raiding for the other side and starting to think that, perhaps, my days in the Alliance really have been "easy mode."  The key to this argument is, of course, the paladin - whose blessings can easily be applied across a whole raid of players (though each paladin may only have one blessing per player).  Shaman totems, alternately, only buff those players within their group, and have a limited range (rendering them useless for fights that require movement) - and unless you're running a raid with 8 shamans, this means that some players simply won't have access to these buffs at all.  So while Blessing of Salvation is something I've grown accustomed to, Tranquil Air Totem might not be something I should become too attached to. 

On the other hand, I'm enjoying the relative ease with which more organized Horde groups seem to be seceding in the Battlegrounds - though this is more likely to do with the specific groups I'm playing with than a faction imbalance.  And, of course, this may change once I level into the 20-29 bracket for Warsong, as Ghost Wolf comes into play.

Who do you think has it easy in Azeroth - Alliance or Horde?

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