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Enfucell's SoftBattery gets thin and flexible

Ryan Block, @ryan

Flexible paper batteries are by no means the newest (or even the most exciting) take on energy storage in the last few years, but we're seeing more stabs at it these days, like Enfucell's or Power Paper's flexible batteries. Besides the usual thin n' flexible selling angle, Enfucell's batteries, while still in development, are apparently anticipated to be particularly cheap and environmentally friendly due to a more off-the-shelf materials and manufacturing process of metals in a paper and laminate sandwich. Sure, it may not produce a huge amount of juice, but when you're talking about very low-energy applications like e-ink, cheap, flexible batteries could be power the digital newspapers of tomorrow before being thrown away with the day's rubbish. And don't even get us started on Power Paper's PowerCosmetics line of products, which use these batteries to rejuvinate wrinkling, sagging skin. What's going to happen to Botox and latte, Tuesdays, hm?

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