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Japan drops ban on resale of used gear

Marc Perton

Well, that's a relief. After months of back-and-forth, which included protests led by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, Japan's Trade Ministry has backed down on a new law that would have limited the resale of certain used electronic gear. The government had already relaxed some of the restrictions, which go into effect on April 1, declaring that resellers of musical instruments and some other products could be exempted from the most onerous of the new rules. Now, the rules have been completely relaxed for sellers of used products -- but only with a wink and a nod. Officially dealers won't actually be selling you anything. They'll just be "renting" it. Nudge, nudge. So, go ahead and buy all the old video games, vintage synthesizers and tube amps you want from that dude in Akihabara. And if he insists that you sign a rental agreement, go ahead and do it. Trust us, he's not gonna come knocking on your door in 10 years demanding that you give it back.

[Via Engadget Japanese]

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