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"Nintendo Disruptocon": fanboys get bashed

Evan Blass

Most fanboys and fanboy-bashers who want their poorly-worded, 1337speak-infused diatribes published on this site usually need to resign themselves to letting the comments section serve as their soapbox; today, however, one lucky gaming obsessive with too much free time gets an entire post of his/her very own. Our lovely sister Joystiq got tipped to a "leaked brochure" for an "upcoming Nintendo console" called the "Disruptocon" that, as you'll see after the break, "can sh00t lazurs" and sports a "PPU" developed after Nintendo supposedly "bot" and "asmililmated" Sony and Microsoft. Besides the obviously innovative choice to include that laser, the Disruptocon further pushes the envelope of console gaming with its unique controller -- not so much for its retro wired connection but due to the thoughtful inclusion of a whisk for making tasty use of loading scene downtime. While this little project did indeed give us a good chuckle, in general we can't condone this sort of bashing, not for any secret love of fanboys, but because it only makes these partisan gaming lunatics even more fired-up and confrontational (kind of like calling them lunatics probably will).

[Via Joystiq]

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