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Revised Inner Fire: Better or Worse?


In the upcoming patch, the priest's inner fire skill has been revamped, and not everyone thinks it's for the best.  The attack power bonus has been removed, the armor bonus has been increased, and the duration has increased from 3 minutes to 10 minutes.  However, there's an added caveat to that new duration - inner fire now has 20 charges, and each time the priest is hit, a charge is used.  This means that when a priest is taking hits in combat, inner fire isn't going to last 10 minutes, or even 3 minutes - numbers being thrown around on the priest forums suggest that a rogue could go through all charges in 10 seconds while a hunter pet would take 15 seconds.  But despite public outcry, community manager Eyonix has said that they're pleased with the improvements.

While I'm not one of the people claiming they're going to be removing inner fire from their hotbar, I'm certainly disappointed that, when confronted with complaints about the skill's short duration, Blizzard decided to significantly reduce the duration.

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