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Sanyo's Y:TV 32-inch(?) LCD with 160GB Freeview DVR

Evan Blass

Freeview is taking the nation by storm! (Well, not our nation, but that one across the ocean where some of us claim ancestry). The latest device to take advantage of this free OTA digital programming is an upcoming LCD from Sanyo hiply-named the Y:TV, which Stuff UK reports will sport a 160GB DVR for capturing all that free, free content. Stuff unfortunately forgets to include the size of the new display, but from the model number (CE32LDY1) we can presume that it's a 32-incher. Also present are the obligatory component and HDMI connections, interchangeable bezels (in case you get sick of the iPod white), as well as Timedomain speakers which claim to do the virtual surround thing. We've got a release window for you -- early May -- but no word on how many pounds you'll need to drop on this.

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