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Consumers are/aren't hot for mobile TV, Part IV

Evan Blass

In a first for our series on figuring out whether or not consumers are interested in mobile TV, a non-carrier-sponsored study is echoing results by Nokia and Siemens that show a good chunk of folks are open to streaming video on their cellphones. Before we make too much of the JupiterResearch survey, though, it should be noted that the numbers they report seem a bit contradictory. Even though the firm makes a broad initial statement that 41% of mobile subscribers are interested in video content, they go on to specify that only 17% of respondents were interested in TV on their handsets and just 11% are down with short, streamed video clips. So what type of mobile video do the rest of that 41% want that isn't either TV or short clips? Your guess is as good as ours.

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