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Phony PS3 screenshot busted?

Ken Weeks

First off, let me extend the olive branch of peace to our new neighbors at PS3Fanboy. Here's a snazzy  "screenshot" from the PS3 title Motorstorm presented at last year's E3:

And here's an actual game image from Motorstorm taken at the recent Game Developers Conference in San Jose (click for larger image):

I know it's not a 1: 1 comparison, and perhaps the quality of the grab is poor, but do Kutaragi & Ko. really think Xbox 360 fanboys aren't going to bust balls over this stuff? Because that looks painfully PS2.5. Maybe it's from the PSP version. 

It's not like Sony has a history of grossly exaggerating the capabilities of their consoles and passing off CGI fluff as gameplay.

[Thanks Charch]

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