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BackityMac 1.0 - easy backup, restore and maintenance

David Chartier

BackityMac is a really handy, really simple to use backup and restore utility that allows you to chose from a number of different application support directories to backup into a good ol' fashioned read-only disk image. The list of library and support folders includes:

  • Mail
  • Entourage
  • Keychain
  • Safari, Firefox and Camino bookmarks
  • iPhoto library
  • iTunes library
  • iWeb files
  • Documents folder
  • your entire Home folder
However, BackityMac is no one-trick pony. It also has a Maintenance pane that allows you to perform various Mac OS X tune-up tasks such as permissions repair, deleting caches, re-indexing Spotlight, running those late-night cron scripts and more.

If you haven't found a good tool or developed some kind of a backup habit yet, BackityMac is a great place to start - especially since its free. Go check it out.

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