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NeoDigits launches new line of DVD players - HELIOS

Matt Burns

The world of up-scaling DVD players is a young one and still has room to go. NeoDigits is a leading online supplier of DVD players and they are launching a new line of DVD players under the name of HELIOS. Leading the way is their first model, the HVD2085.

When you informed you about the cheap Samsung, many of you asked about up-scaling over component; well this boy has it. But the HVD2085 takes it up a notch and does all the way up to 1080p over component and HDMI. But it does not stop there. The unit has digital and analog 5.1 outputs and even a VGA connection. We can keep going and telling you about the NTSC and PAL modes along with an autoplay feature that bypasses all the trailers and menues but all you care about is the picture right?

NeoDigits was kind enough to provide us with a review unit and we will have a complete review up next week.
If you cannot wait, the DVD player is available right now for $199 on their website.

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