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19-inch AJP M590K-H SLI-enabled laptop reviewed

Evan Blass

Having suffered through The Godfather: The Game on the lowest performance settings at 1,024 x 768 for the last week on a six-month old desktop, we can certainly see the appeal of a 19-inch laptop sporting two nVidia GeForce GO 7800 GTX video cards in SLI-configuration, but according to Trusted Reviews, the AJP M590K-H is not the one for us. Basically the same machine as a trio of other notebooks we covered previously -- the Rock Xtreme XL, Evesham Quest A630, and CompAmerica Tigershark TX-5900 (all four share the same Clevo-supplied chassis) --the AJP model gets low marks in a number of areas, which doesn't bode well for its siblings. Most problematic, according to TR, were the low benchmark scores the M590K-H turned in with both graphics cards turned on -- in some cases, performance was actually worse than just running a single card. Along with the weight (a backache-inducing 14.5-pounds), crappy sound (even with headphones), relatively-low resolution (only WSXGA ), and steep price (over $4,000), the unacceptable SLI implementation makes us think we'll go with the reviewer's advice and hold off until the 7900 GT card goes mobile, or at least wait around to see what Dellienware has to offer.

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