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Bit-tech's 20-inch widescreen LCD shootout


The good peeps over at bit-tech have put together a good 'ol fashioned shoot-out of five, 20-inch widescreen LCDs: the Viewsonic 2012W and VX2025, BenQ FP202W, NEC MultiSync 20WGX, and Acer 2032WA. Testing consisted of a battery of objective benchmarks followed by a suite of subjective tests to give a sense of how the flat-panels performed while gaming, viewing flix, and working in Windows. In the end, the Viewsonic VX2025 comes out on top in terms of price/performance (particularly for gaming) just edging out the more expensive, gloss-coated NEC MultiSync 20WGX which was judged to be the best choice for purely non-gaming, desktop work. Shame they couldn't squeeze a Dell 20-incher into the mix, maybe next time.

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