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Character Transfers for the Well Connected?


Blizzard has always held to the premise that global character transfers are not available due to technical limitations - which seems to be confirmed by the problems that plague their official realm transfers.  But occasionally they do things that make you wonder.  Around the time I started playing, an entire guild was transfered by Blizzard from Uther to Eldre'Thalas (where I was playing at the time) - much to the outrage of the player-base.  And on Monday, a player from Uther noticed two new unknown characters on the server - and a quick lookup on Warcraft Realms showed them to have been, until recently, residents of Sargeras server.  Since no official transfers are open between the two servers, this does make one wonder how they arrived on Uther.  No official word yet, but I'll keep an eye out for more news.

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