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How old is Iwata's brain?

Ross Miller

Answer: 27.

Is this just another example of the mad scientists working at Nintendo, bending space and time beyond the scope of normal physics? Is Iwata a cyborg? Neither; at age 45, Iwata claims he has brought his brain age down to a fitter 27. In an interview with MTV's Stephen Totilo, Iwata continued to push his message of seeking out non-gamers with products like Nintendogs, Brain Age, and the upcoming Nintendo Revolution. Nintendo's president noted that while one can expect the "classic Zelda [and Mario] experiences," Nintendo will also develop games for people "who haven't played games before...who [may] only play for very short periods of time in a day."

We wonder if these "addictive, but simple titles," as discussed in the recent CNN piece, will be available through the Virtual Console, as opposed to "normal distribution methods" which cost the consumer more.

Brain Age will land on US shores April 17th.

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