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Nokia announces new phones for emerging markets: 2610, 1112, and 2310


Nokia announced several new phones targeting first time and/or pre-paid users in new growth markets. And just to prove the point, the announcements were made in China. The Nokia 2610 is their dual-band GSM business-minded phone which features a rubberized finish to combat dusty offices. It sports a 65k color display, MP3 player, speakerphone, and voice recorder amongst its middling feature set. The 1112 (pictured) is pretty much the 1110 starter-phone albeit with a, um, swank black-on-white display. Rounding out the lot is the Nokia 2310 which claims oxymoronically to be a low-end, fashion phone. It features a built-in FM radio, a host of messaging options, MP3 player, and all important range of interchangeable covers so important to 12 year old girls and Engadget interns. All three models are expected to begin shipping sometime Q2 of ’06.

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