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Sony's compact DSC-W50 Cyber-shot reviewed


The Cyber-shot DSC-W50 is a decently priced 6 megapixel shooter from Sony with claims to higher light sensitivity and not a lot else to brag about, at least on paper. DCRP has put the camera through its paces, and they find it a fine camera for most situations, though it does suffer under odd lighting conditions, and lacks manual control. Of course, at $241 it would be rather to surprising to find much in the way of manual settings. The camera was quick to start up and snap pics in most situations, though focus speeds aren't so hot in low light and telephoto situations. As for the promised light sensitivity, the camera does perform at up to a 1000 ISO setting, but color saturation drops and noise shoots up at 800 ISO, so you probably won't find much luck with those settings. Overall the W50 seems highly recommended if you can steer clear of the night life, and if the Sony name holds much weight with you it's hard to beat the price.

[Via Digital Cameras Blog]

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