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Thompson's Rockstar mad-on intensifies

Alan Rose

"I am become Jack Thompson, the destroyer of worlds." Apologies to the Bhagavad-Gita, but the paraphrasing seemed appropriate in light of the Florida attorney and anti-game activist's most recent comments regarding his personal nemesis, Rockstar Games. In an interview with GameSpot, Thompson commented on the ongoing litigation in the Alabama GTA murder case, stating that it would "destroy Rockstar" and "change the face of the entertainment industry."

You can say one thing for him, he's persistent. He's also more attention-starved than Kathy Griffin. Although I'm starting to wonder if all of this video game violence has started to rub off on Jack, judging by his choice of words. Instead of simply "putting them out of business," you almost get the impression he wants to bomb the Rockstar corporate offices into oblivion. Hey, maybe Jack would make a good game designer after all!

UPDATE: Here's another image of Jack Thompson in all his video game-hating glory. Apologies for offending anyone with the previous image.

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