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ZOMG GTA Chicago! Skepticism overwhelms us

Sure, it's not April 1st yet, but that hasn't stopped some guileful folks from getting a jump start on their annual trickery. Take, for example, the suspiciously timed appearance of a website ostensibly promoting Rockstar's latest and greatest: no, not Table Tennis, but Grand Theft Auto: Chicago of course!

Why does this GTA: Chicago thing smell fishier than a two week old tuna sandwich left in your high school locker? Let us count the ways:

  1. The previous GTA games have eschewed real cities, opting instead for fictional cities closely inspired by actual ones. Liberty City ~ New York City; Vice City ~ Miami; San Andreas ~ Los Angeles. Chicago doesn't sound right. Suspicion triggered.
  2. It doesn't look right either. That font is seriously dubious. Rising.
  3. Why announce a game on (or a day before) April 1st? Why announce a huge title like GTA just several weeks before E3 and a week after GDC? Why take the focus off the other title you're busy promoting, Table Tennis? Suspicion reaching the boiling point.
  4. The site was registered through, who in turn report the registrar as an anonymous service called Domains by Proxy, Inc.. Suspicion nearing dangerous levels.
  5. All of Rockstar's other GTA domains have been registered through Network Solutions to Rockstar directly. Check,, and Suspicion core overload. Evacuate Zebes.
Oh April Fool's Day pranksters, you'll have to do better than that.

[Thanks, Buttonbasher]

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