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Apple announces new logo

Dan Pourhadi

Well mark this a win in the "Stick it to Apple Corps" column: According to TheMacObserver, Apple today unveiled a brand new corporate logo, replacing the legendary bitten apple that Mac fans have grown to recognize and love. From TMO: "'We look forward to moving forward under our new corporate identity," said Apple vice president Phil Schiller in a statement. 'This gives us the opportunity to start our marketing off with a clean slate.'"

Here, here. I'm digging it, though I'm a bit skeptical that a birthday cupcake-like design may eventually get, I don't know, old. And what happens when Apple reaches 50 or 60 and starts to want to avoid birthday celebrations like some guy going through a mid-life crisis? Then what? It'll be constantly reminded every day that it's getting old and is no longer the energetic, motorcycle-drivin' ladies man it used to be.

Whatever. I'm sure Apple knows what it's just feels like the company is getting a tattoo that ten years down the road, when its arm is all wrinkly and the tattoo looks like a garbled drawing on a wet scrunched up rag, it's gonna regret it -- and no acid in the world could burn it off.

Well, good luck Apple. Here's to the future!

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