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April Fool's: GameFaqs says "cheating is bad, mmmkay"

Ross Miller

Under the title "Oh noes, they got us too!," has shut down today by the ACAA, or Anti-Cheating Association of America. According to the text on the title page, "using cheat codes or walkthroughs may seem like a 'victimless' crime, but that's far from the're not just cheating the game, you're cheating the developers, the designers, the producers, and most of all, yourself."

After about 30 seconds or so, the real GameFaqs page pops up--it was just a simple April Fool's gag (for those who are impatient, you can click here to bypass the gag page altogether). Be sure to check out their latest poll to test your nerd-culture knowledge.

[Thanks, Rich Hendrickson]

In case you try to visit the site on April 2nd, here's what you missed:

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