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Japan getting Adidas Japan Blue Xbox kit for World Cup

Ryan Block, @ryan

Seems like we've been hearing about World Cup 2006 for months now already, but we've still got two months before the first match in June (that'd be between Germany and Costa Rica), which is plenty of time for Microsoft to try and drum up sales of the ailing Xbox 360 across the pond in we'll-wait-for-the-PlayStation-3-or-Revolution Japan. The Blue Limited Edition 2006 FIFA World Cup Xbox 360 is basically your standard Premium bundle (wireless controller, 20GB drive, etc.), but comes with two Adidas Japan Blue bandanas for those sweaty late night sweaty sessions, EA's 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany, and, of course, an Adidas Japan Blue faceplate. Oh, and the limited edition controller is back in action, too. Get yours overseas on April 27 for about $430 -- something tells us these things probably won't sell out.

[Via MaxConsole]

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