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MusicMarker tells you who you're hearing... later

Ryan Block, @ryan

MusicMarker aren't providing the first ever solution for identifying your digital music without metadata (we've been using MusicBrainz for years, but the solutions are endless), but what they intend to provide is a solution with a button on your portable. Devices outfitted with mics (say, like a cellphone or audio player) and MusicMarker will capture ten seconds of audio, and then upon sync to your PC upload the sample to MusicMarker's server for analysis and output of artist / title / track info. Oh, sure, it kind of kills the immediacy of wanting to know who's that damned song by, I'm hearing it everywhere, but you can try for yourself in the Venzero ONE (a portable media device that was supposed to be launched late last year), which is lined up to have MusicMarker's first service integration.

[Via GeekZone, thanks Markus]

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