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Samsung Blu-ray delay official


Unfortunately the bad rumors we hipped you to earlier are all too true. Samsung's BD-P1000 will not launch on May 23, but June 25. The good news, if there really is any, is that they have added a couple features to the checklist:
  • 1080p upconversion of DVDs (apparently only via HDMI out)
  • Support for 11 (up from 9) memory card formats, adding Mini-SD and Memory Stick Pro Duo
The official reason is to undergo further compatibility testing with Blu-ray test discs, and the price is still $999. HD-DVDs are still (probably) hitting shelves later this month, but we're not holding our breath (anymore, because the hospital said they are not resuscitating Kevin again). Hopefully this will be the last time we have to tell you when next generation DVDs aren't coming out.

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