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Rig of the Day: Family reunion


Today's rig shot is fantastic. Flickr user and TUAW reader thenode hosted a bit of a "family reunion" for many of his Macs. Specifically, he got a Powerbook 520c, an SE-30, a Quadra 630 and a Mac mini (the youngster of the group) all networked together to play Armor Alley. The kids even got in on the fun. As thenode said, "This is a true monument to what you can do if you have enough cables." As a person who loves playing with vintage Macs, I've got to be biased and say this may be my favorite rig shot so far.

"Family Reunion" posted by thenode.

For the month of April, the theme for our Rig of the Day will be "Vintage Macs" in honor of Apple's anniversary. If you'd like to see your own rig featured here, simply upload photos into our group Flickr pool. Let's see your vintage Macs (Apples and Newtons, too)! We'll select an image every day to highlight.

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