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SplitFish's new glideFX controller PS3 compatible?

Looks like someone at SplitFish realized the gold plastic look wasn't earning them any followers, so they went back to the ol' drawing board and came up with the new glideFX controller. Their website describes the glideFX as "the world's first B-type Controller. glideFX uses a 'Trackball' to manage movement that is normally controlled by the right analog stick. Separate left right controls and adjustable Sensitivity settings." I'm not really sure what any of that actually means.

Obviously someone at SplitFish needs a lesson on proper capitalization. Grammar inconsistencies aside, the site reports the glideFX controller is "for the PlayStation 2" while the email we received said it was the "new PS2/3 SplitFish controller" that "is to be shown at E3 this year." Probably means this same controller will be updated to be PS3 compatible, with wireless functionality and whatever else that entails ... though, we'll be content just seeing the stock PlayStation 3 controller.

[Thanks, Ken]

[UPDATE: To inform any (further) comparisons between the SplitFish controller and the Revomote, please read - Splitfish: we're not copying the Revolution controller.]

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