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Vodafone partnering with Siemens for HSDPA in Germany


Looks like Mannesmann Vodafone is stepping into the ring for a smackdown with T-Mobile in the race to bring that HSDPA goodness to the entirety of Germany. Rather than taking the time to build-out their beleaguered four-city service themselves, Vodafone decided to axe (according to German media) 500 local jobs, and partner with Siemens AG for HSDPA coverage -- who, by the way, are the main supplier to T-Mobile Germany for HSDPA as well. They’ll have to be quick though to compete with T-Mobile’s all-city, all-HSDPA, all-the-time service coming by end of May -- which already allows T-Mo to showcase such subscriber-sweetness as their MDA Vario II (AKA, the HTC Hermes). Let’s just hope these initial offerings are a bit more robust than say, Cingular’s fledgling offering here at home.

[Via The Wireless Report]

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