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Where to get A/V cables

Matt Burns

Many, and I mean, many of you have left comments concerning where to get cables for your HDTV. has been a favorite of many of you but there are other places when quality is a concern. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the cables that Monoprice sells are good but, lets be honest here, there are better out there.

A couple of months ago we showed you how to make great quality component cables. takes out all the guess work, and fun, of constructing these cables. They use Belden cables with Canare ends; just like we did. Last but not least is Monster Cable. Say what you will but these are great cables. Yes, they cost a good amount of money and sometimes their business practices can be questionable, but they make one heck of a cable.

HDMI, DVI, and optical are digital so cheap low-priced should preform as good as expensive ones, right? Not from my experiences. Radio shack was clearencing out some cables so I picked up a few optical/s-video kits only to return them as the optical cable just did not sound right. I found it is all in the connector so before you order that ultra-low price HDMI cable, make sure it has a good connector.

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