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Boot Camp lets Macs run Windows ... officially

Marc Perton

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If you want to run Windows on your Intel-based Mac but found narf and blanka's solution a little too intimidating, you now have another option -- and this one's from Apple. The company has released a public beta of a technology called Boot Camp, which will be included in the next version of OS X. As its name implies, Boot Camp is essentially a boot manager, and allows Mac owners to install Windows XP and choose whether to run OS X or Windows at startup. It also includes a selection of Windows drivers for common Mac hardware, along with a utility to let you burn a CD to run the installation and partitioning tools. Yes, you still need your own copy of XP, but it looks like Apple's taken most of the pain out of dual-booting. Great job Steve, but we're sorry to tell you that the $13K bounty's already been won.

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