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Joystiq t-shirt contest finalists

Vladimir Cole

Judging the inaugural Joystiq t-shirt contest is hard work. So hard, in fact, that we're going to punt and let you readers do some of the work.

After the break, we've included scaled-down photos of the top designs. Please provide feedback on them. Which would you be proudest to wear on your chest? Which of these shirts would inspire you to boldly enter the foul lair of a psycho ex-girlfriend (or boyfriend) to retrieve it?

Congrats to all of the finalists, and thank you for all of the entries. We received around 100 great entries, and many were very, very high quality. Some were eliminated purely because they'd be too expensive to print. Some were eliminated because they had too many colors. But not a one was eliminated without a fair assessment. We're really humbled by the quality of your submissions.

#1 (below)

#2 (below)

#3 (below)

#4 (below)

#5 (below)

#6 (below)

#7 (below)

#8 (below)

#9 (below)

#10 (below)

#11 (below)

#12 (below)

#13 (below)

#14 (below)

#15 (below)

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