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eBay launches PayPal Mobile for impulse buying IRL


So PayPal Mobile -- not to be confused with Papal Mobile, the MVNO for the active-lifestyle Pope on the go -- is finally getting off the ground today, bringing a whole generation's eBay buying addiction to bear in the real world. We're just excited to finally put an end to certain restaurant leechers (you know who you are) who never seem to "remember" cash, but won't have as much of an excuse with their phone sitting right there in their pocket. PayPal hopes to work with brick and mortar stores, charities, and media outlets to nab those impulse buys from people who might not be carrying a credit card, or don't want to take the time to make a regular physical transaction. To make payments you first need to activate you phone at the PayPal website, and then you just text message PayPal a product ID number, or an amount and a recipient. PayPal will then call you to make sure the purchase is legit -- they require a unique PIN number to confirm. After that PayPal will pay the recipient, and even specify shipping info with what is currently listed on your account. Current retailers that are slated to work with the service include 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Bravo, MTV, and the NBA Store.


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