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Kyocera and Boingo's 3G/WiFi prototype revealed


Just over a year ago, Kyocera dropped the press-bomb related to partnering with Boingo to develop 3G cellphones with built-in WiFi. Now they're showing off a BREW-based WiFi/CDMA prototype at CTIA which allows public WiFi roaming, on the Boingo WiFi network, natch-urally. No doubt you might be wondering what Boingo, a WiFi hotspot consolidator, brings to the table. Well, that'd be software, which can automatically choose whether the 3G connection or access to one of Boingo's 30-odd-thousand global WiFi hotspots is the best option "for a given time and circumstance." Hey great, but why limit the software to just this handset, when there are so many WiFi enabled phones coming to market?

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