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LG debuts new HD LCDs for World Cup


Just in case you forgot, LG would like you to know that yes, you can watch that foot-centric brand of football on a brand new LG LCD display. They'd also like you to know that you'll have way more friends this June when the FIFA World Cup rolls around if you buy one of their new X-Canvas displays with 8ms response times, 5000:1 contrast ratios, and 250GB hard drives. Sadly, there's no word on resolution or model numbers, but we can only hope they'll keep up with the rest of the specs. The new displays come in 32 and 47-inch flavors, at $3340 and $4280 respectively. They seem to be Korea-only for now, but we're sure LG would love to help us USofA-ers get our "soccer" on as well.

[Via Akihabara]

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