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London Zookeepers try to reform cellphone-snatching monkeys

Evan Blass

Solving a problem that we didn't even know existed, staff at the London Zoo have trained their resident squirrel monkeys not to snatch visitors' cellphones while they attempt to photograph the little rascals. Apparently unable to resist the cacophony of sounds and blinking lights that emanate from today's handsets (especially those that have been modded with aftermarket "enhancements"), the monkeys were taking advantage of their barrier-free environment to reach out and touch unsuspecting guests and their mobiles. Instead of lecturing the monkeys on the possible health risks of cellphone usage, or scaring them with tales of bloated roaming charges, zookeepers decided to go the Pavlovian route and simply coat several old phones with an unappealing goo -- which we've tried several times to break our own gadget addiction, but we always just ended up getting addicted to the goo.

[Via textually]

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