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Pioneer AVIC-S1 portable GPS receiver with Bluetooth

Evan Blass

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French site caraudiovideo, whose specialty is pretty self-evident, have information on a new Windows CE-powered Pioneer GPS receiver that is supposedly one of the first from the company to include built-in Bluetooth. The AVIC-S1 is a "portable" model (meaning you can port it from vehicle to vehicle, but not on your geocaching expeditions) that features a 320 x 240 touchscreen, SiRF III chip for greater accuracy, and what seems to be 2GB of flash memory preloaded with European maps. Any of the included points-of-interest can be dialed on your cellphone via Bluetooth, and a choice of 17 guidance languages will help you brush up on the native tongues as you travel around the continent. It's not really clear when this product will be released (if it's not out already), or how much it will go for, but until a US version is announced, those details are a moot point to the majority of you anyway.

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