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Contest: Most pathetic 360 setup scores $100 headphones

Before the contest officially started, we already had an entry! Last month, Ken wrote, "If your crappy stupid-roomate-already-broke- the-faceplate core system sits in a moldy dorm room next to a vomit-stained mattress while hooked to a 20-year-old 13'' TV with rabbit ears and broken speakers, send me a pic. You are the true heroes."

Mike responded with this sorry setup pictured above. That's a (gasp!) 10" TV -- with rabbit ears mind you -- in front of a broken mirror, all in the service of running the most powerful gaming console on the planet. At least he's got his priorities straight.

That's the definition of a fanboy 'round these parts! Someone whose dedication to gaming knows no bounds (expect, perhaps, their eyesight). Mike proves you don't need an HDTV to enjoy the Xbox 360, or a fancy sound system. He's got such a strong entry, we're thinking that seven years of bad luck is about to wear off.

Is your setup more pathetic than Mike's? Prove it. Send us a picture (yes, your brother's hand-me-down 0.3 megapixel camera phone will work fine) of your setup and a short description to and we'll tally the results a week from today. If you win, you'll get the Turtle Beach Ear Force X2 headphones I reviewed this morning, so at least you'll have something right with your setup.

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