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Mitsubishi launches slew of new LCD and DLP HDTVs


Looks like Mitsubishi has been pretty busy lately, since they've just announced eleven new LCD and DLP HDTVs, with all but two of them sporting 1080p resolutions. The crowd of displays is headlined by a pair of 73-inch DLP sets, which both feature a host of marketing speak from Mitsubishi like Tru1080p (don't worry, it's 1080p for reals), TurboLight 180 (which claims to boost brightness by 10%), and the fairly meaningless NetCommand and ClearThought which manage connectivity. The WD-73732 and WD-73831 both include dual HDMI inputs, along with a FireWire port, CableCARD slot, and multi-format card readers. Rounding out the DLP displays are 52, 57 and 65-inch 1080p displays, which feature a new 6-Primary Color System that mixes cyan, magenta and yellow in with the usual RGB in order to create a supposedly brighter and more color accurate picture. Mitsubishi has some love for their LCD line as well, with two 37-inch (LT-37131 and LT-37132) and two 46-inch 1080p displays (LT-46131 and LT-46231), featuring similar connectivity to the DLP line but replacing CableCARD with DVI-I. Finally, we have the 52-inch and 62-inch 1280 x 720p LCDs, the WD-52531 and WD-62531, which claim 20 percent more brightness than last year's models, along with dual HDMI ports and Push720p tech to take care of analog and 1080i signals. Until we get a good pic of these, we're picturing Mitsubishi's laz0r projection set that they still have in the works. No word on pricing or availability for any of the models.

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