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Quicktake 100 Digital Camera

Scott McNulty

We're all a little Boot Camped out, so let's take a look back into Apple's history to 1994 when Apple was focused on its core product: a digital camera.

That's right, if you thought that the iPod was Apple's first foray into the consumer electronic market you are sadly mistaken. The Quicktake 100 was a digital camera that weighted a pound, took images at a resolution of 640x480, and had a 1MB of onboard memory so you could take 8 pictures. And it was Mac only (though later models were cross platform).

Apple produced three models (the 100, 150, and the 200) before Steve Jobs returned to Apple and killed the product. Check out the Apple Quicktake page in Wikipedia for more info.

Thanks to Retrothing for taking us down the technology memory lane.

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