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Red Steel: first Revolution screens revealed [Update 5]

Ross Miller

El Moco has sent us some very convincing (e.g. not fake) magazine scans from the latest Game Informer. In it, Ubisoft shows off some screens from its title Red Steel, set for release on the Revolution. That's right, folks: it looks like we have some official Revolution screens.

As you can see (you can view all 3 scans by clicking on the image or the "read" link below), it is a first-person shooter that utilizes the RevMote just as we have all predicted it would.

Unfortunately, we cannot make out the text from any of the other two pictures. These images, however, look a lot better than we expected the initial Revolution titles to look (then again, many developers should be comfortable with the Revolution dev kits, as they share many similarities with the current-generation GameCube dev kits). Hopefully we will get some official screen shots of Red Steel (and indeed, other Revolution titles) very soon.

Update 1: A few of you have sent us word that Game Informer is touting its latest issue online. According to the page (again, we unfortunately do not have a copy of the magazine just yet), the game is from Ubisoft Paris. The page implies that these are actual screenshots, and confirms that more information will be found via Game Informer's online page as of April 20th.

Update 4: Corrected credit given to the Ubisoft Paris for work done by Ubisoft Montreal. Also corrected credit given to the translations (sorry, squiggle).

Update 5: Image, link to scans and transcriptions removed at the request of Game Informer.

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