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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: April 2 - 8, [Update]

Ross Miller

'Tis a time for celebration! This week, both Press Start to Play and Bob and George hit milestones, accomplishing 50 posts and 6 years (respectively) -- congratulations, guys! That said, we were a tad disappointed not to have found any webcomics pertaining to windows gaming on a Mac. Major props to VG Cats for a hilarious (yet not game-related) strip. Here are our favorite game-related webcomics for the week:

A political puppet of his father.
Oh sweet Miss Liberty! (thanks, Eliot)
The size of your head
Welcome to the "Total Moron's School of Business"

[Update: Sorry it took so long to make an update on this: the first choice (Digital Unrest), as Chris has pointed out in the comments below, has gone down becuase of server traffic. We are both sorry to Chris for him having to upgrade his server unexpectedly, and elated that the Joystiq community would support a comic by clicking on the link en masse. Thanks, guys!]

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