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Clearwire rolls out VoIP service (in one market)

Evan Blass

Probably further annoying the Vonage users that it supposedly cut-off last year, WiMax "class" wireless broadband provider Clearwire has just announced its own Bell Canada-powered VoIP service for that works with regular telephones, or for more sophisticated call control, over a user's PC. The new service, which is currently limited to Clearwire subscribers in the Stockton, California market, and further restricted to those residents who are "e911 capable," requires a $15 Internet adapter if you want to use a regular corded or cordless phone, and costs $30-a-month for unlimited calling within the US and Canada (international calls are supposedly "competitively priced"). That thirty bucks also gets you browser-configurable call forwarding, "Find Me Follow Me" enhanced call forwarding, caller ID, voice mail, voice mail-to-email capabilities, and caller blocking, as well as the semi-useful ability to get your mobile VoIP on anywhere Clearwire has coverage (currently 200 US/international cities that most people don't live in), if you don't mind toting your laptop and modem around.

[Via dailywireless]

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