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Maxtor shows new storage products

Marc Perton

We're still trying to cut through the jargon in Maxtor's latest press release (which may be the first we've seen that actually manages to fit "Web 2.0" and "tipping point" into a single sentence), but once you manage to pare it down, it turns out the company is announcing one new product, teasing about another, and providing some more info about a deal we checked out earlier. The new product is the Maxtor Shared Storage II, a NAS for home and office users, offering RAID storage, gigabit Ethernet and up to 1TB of space. The teased product is the One Touch III Mini Edition (pictured), a one-inch thick drive that can hold up to 100GB of data and which will, according to Maxtor, include "an industry first." Details, including that "first," will be available later this month. Oh, and the deal? As we previously noted, Maxtor's working with Fabrik on something called "Project Fusion," which sounds like an online backup service that will take advantage of Maxtor's One Touch interface to make it easier to store and share files on a hosted server. Pricing is expected to range from a free service to one costing about $50 a year, depending on storage and feature needs. We're looking forward to it; we need something that will, in Maxtor's words, help us "truly harness [our] content."

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