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Okoro's Core Duo-powered OMS-LX100 HTPC

Evan Blass

Okoro Media Systems has just released a low-profile, reasonably priced home theater PC based on Intel's Core Duo processor that has also received the coveted VIIV seal of approval, which we're still not exactly sure about, but whose very existence makes us scared of buying any products without this enigmatic certification. Besides the 1.73GHz Yonah T2300, the OMS-LX100 features one gig of 677MHz DDR2 RAM, a Nvidia GeForce 7300 GS PCI Express video card with 256MB of memory, an ATI Theater Pro 550 PCI TV/FM tuner with MPEG-2 encoding (OTA HDTV tuner optional), 250GB hard drive, 16x dual-layer DVD burner, IR or RF remote, Dolby Digital Live support, your choice of operating system and bundled multimedia software, and a host of ports: component, S-Video, composite, DVI, VGA, optical and coax digital audio, plus the usual complement of USB, FireWire, and PS/2 hookups. Available immediately, Okoro's dual core HTPC will set you back just $1,400.

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