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Olympus' water/shockproof Mju Stylus 720SW reviewed


The 7 megapixel Mju Stylus 720SW from Olympus has some pretty steep claims, including waterproofing up to 10 feet deep and shockproofing for up to 5 foot drops, but does seem to live up to its claims and happens to be a pretty good camera to boot. Available in pink, silver, or blue, the camera's metal housing is the main story here, with claims to be the world's only shockproof digital camera. With all this banging around we would hope for some optical image stabilization, but the digital version seems to do a decent job. The pictures are generally low noise, the camera does a good job of focusing, and the small flash manages to light up an indoor scene quite well. The reviewer liked the 2.5-inch screen, though the resolution was a bit low, but found the workings of the camera to quite quick, and the camera body easy to use and comfortable to hold. You could easily find a 7 megapixel shooter for less than the 720SW's $410 asking price, but good luck with dropping one of those in the drink.

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