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Qosmio G30 coming to Japan in May, with HDMI output

Marc Perton

Yes, it's another Japan-only shipping announcement from Toshiba (thanks a lot guys; what are we, chopped liver?). This time, the company is boasting that the Qosmio G30, the first HD DVD-equipped laptop, will hit the domestic market next month, for a retail price of about ¥400,000 (about $3,400). Specs are still the same as we've seen before, with the biggest addition being word that the laptop will support HDMI output. That fills in at least one missing piece of the G30 puzzle, namely, if you're going to hand over more than $3K for a laptop just because it has an HD DVD drive, you had darn well better be able to use that drive to pump out some HD onto a bigger screen than the laptop's 17-inch display. (Not that it matters to us, since we have absolutely no idea when we'll see one of these in the US.)

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